Or Was That Crazy Mom

The teen just popped into my room and asked if her new "crush" could stop by. It's 11 but she doesn't have to be in school until almost noon tomorrow due to testing that she's exempt from so I agreed.

Of course there are rules... living room ONLY, when I say go he MUST go and if I see hands touch her he dies a horrid and messy death! 

Out of desperation she agrees and then comes in asking me to put lotion on her sunburned back. Why? Are you going to show him your back? Do you need to smell pretty for a reason? Is he going to be touching your burn? "Mom it hurts ppllleeaassee".

Okay I rub lotion all over the sunburn and then gobs of it on her neck. As she's trying to wipe it off and moaning about it she asks why? My reply, "I'll know if his mouth hits below the face 'cause he's gonna have a not so yummy taste in that mouth" (followed by my foot that is).

She has a new confidence after the teeth fixing thing and I love it! She also has been hanging out with a new and improved, goal oriented group of friends and I so approve! This young man goes to another school but is going to college and is a kid counselor on the side... works for me!

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aawww thank you... all we can do is try

You are the type of mother I look up to. You are showing your daughter that you love her by wanting to protect her and show her morals and values. She may not understand now but later she will and appreciate it.

I love your story... You are an amazing MOM...

Your sooo mean and I love it!! Your teaching your children morals, standards and values! :-)

If your kids think you are a mean Mom,<br />
that usually means you are doing your job well.