I can't believe I was a vegetarian for four years- from when I was 9 to 13. I became a veggie because I felt awful about eating something that was once alive. I watched videos about what really goes on in slaughter houses and I just wouldn't eat it anymore,the torture animals face in there is disgusting.
       I had to stop being a vegetarian when I was 13 because I was getting too weak from it, loosing hair and such. I had also gained a lot of weight. Now, I can't even think about how I didn't eat meat all of those years. I love it. Which I feel very guilty for sometimes.. But me NOT eating meat isn't going to stop whats going on in the slaughterhouses and I doubt that all of the vegetarians in the world could, so why not. I'll just enjoy my meat for now<3
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I would die if I went vegan

I was vegetarian from the age of 14 to 19. At 18, I started to think for myself instead of following the dogma of PETA and other vegetarians/vegans. I got sick of starving myself and being unrealistic. I found out that I was very anemic, so I started gradually eating meat.

I agree.