I Remember My First Burger...

My parents believed it wasn't good to feed babies red meat so I wasn't fed red meat until a family reunion when I was 7. My cousins were running around with burgers in their hands with all the fixings and I felt so left out. So I said to my parents, "Mommy! When can I have a burger too!" My dad's ears pricked up at that. "Honey I thought you'd never ask!" h
He rushed to the grill and told my uncle Kevin "Make me a burger medium rare, an be quick about it!" He motioned in my direction and my uncle nodded and cried, "Noreen! Get the camera! Darcy's about to try her first burger!!" I didn't realize it was that big of a deal. My dad was rushing around, (My older sister Alyssa decided she was a vegetarian and he wanted to seel the deal with me and meat. "Kevin! Kevin I don't see cheese, KEVIN WHERE'S THE CHEESE??!" My dad was trying to get everything together. A whole crowd had gathered around me. "It's ready!" Cried Kevin. He slid th burger onto a sesame seed bun and my dad put a two thin slices of red onion, an American single, two thick slices of tomato, a piece of iceberg lettuce, and some pickles. My dad said, "Okay sweetie, go ahead..." All eyes were watching me and their necks were craned. I took a big bite. It was heaven. The Flavors swirled together prefectly. The hot beefy burger, the fluffy bun, the tartness of the pickles, the zing of the onions, the hearty tomato, the cool iceberg, there was also the tang of mustard and the sweet savory ketchup. I remember the first thing I said, "If only they could make hamburgers into ice cream!" I've been a raging carnivore ever since.
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That must have been awesome :)