If I'm entirely honest I don't want to be a meat eater. I'm starting to reduce the amount of meat I eat in general.

As a Buddhist I acknowledge that when I eat meat I'm helping condone an act of violence. Regardless of if the animal is killed 'humanely' or not, the animal is still murdered. It isn't like the animal's first instinct is anything other than survival, and he/she wanted to be eaten.

However, there isn't any point in feeling upset about my actions. Actions are set in the past. Be it a few seconds ago or a few years ago. The past is uncontrollable. All that is sensible to do is to take immediate action in the present to manipulate the future as you see appropriate. :)
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So, you loved the taste of meat but are quitting out of love for Buddhist culture? I can understand not wanting to back animal murder, but what about raising your own live stock, such as chickens? Goats? And only consuming when they have come to a ripe old age and passed on, or die of accidental means? Or what about a caught fish every now and then? I think there is a certain sense of connection in raising/catching your own meat in order to live a more healthful natural life. But then, what do I really know about Buddhist monks? I hear it can be easy to replace meat so long as you have the right veggies, nuts, and legumes. I hate that I'm backing big meat businesses when I buy meat at the market, but I don't do so regularly, and feel I have no choice, because buying enough nuts/beans/grains with blood sugar problems can be expensive and difficult to cope. It makes me want to try harder tho...if one works harder and makes more income, one could easily live without many meats...how is that going for you btw? What changes and progress have you made since posting? I'm curious, good luck. :) sorry for the long message, I can't help it sometimes. <3

hahaha you like me XD