The best steak that I've ever had was at Hard Rock Cafe. Delicious. I've only been there once for my birthday but I will definitely go again someday.
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Really?? At Hard Rock Cafe? I don't have such memories. Maybe you found out the one with a good chef.

We are going to have a Hard Rock Cafe and condo's in our area in a couple of years ( beachfront ). I'll try to remember your recommendation. Thanks,

Good to see a girl that likes her meat

Best steak I ever had was cut off of a fresh killed elk and cooked on a stick over a sage brush fire.

Wow sounds really good :)

Best meat Evers at Benihana

Hmm, steak. Hmm, bacon.

I second this. :)

Motion passed. You know, I think I'll vote for the Meat Party next election. As I type this out, it sounds really wrong.

Lol just a little XD but it would be nice to have all you can eat steak and bacon every now and then :)


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