i just came home from the best bbq ever... i am so full i doubt i can ever eat anything again, but it was just so good.

artisan made sausages and one half of a cow roast over a big fire.

so delicious.
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You're fine. Being a meat eater is a good thing. Were it not for the meat eaters of the world helping to control the population of cattle, pigs, chicken, turkey, fish....the list goes on..... This world would have been in ruins ages ago. The populations of all animals would have been so large.... They would have consumed the entire earths supply of vegetation,and this earth could not have sustained the population of humans plus other animals, and we would have been long dead and forgotten. So do your part and eat a steak. Join the real PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals !

What do they do with the other half of the cow? ;P

I've got some meat to feed you ;)


Luv a girl that loves meat ;)