Am I Pregnant? Please Help.

Me and my boyfriend fooled around dry humping a bit; me in my jeans and him in his boxers. We took my jeans off and we went at it for less than a minute but he didn't come. I wiped inside my vaginal and am worried sick now. I had funny pinkish/mucus-y discharge for a few days and had some (possibly spotting?) tan-ish/mucus-y discharge for a few weeks. It happened on the 26th of March; I got my period I believe on the 12th of April which ended on the 17th and took the EPT on the 20th (I got a negative). I've had no pregnancy symptoms at all. I'm worried because I've heard you can get your period, get a negative test, and still be pregnant. I took the EPT again this morning (May 9th, another negative) but I'm not sure? I'm getting white discharge and I'm wondering if I'm ovulating or it's pregnancy. Shouldn't the HCG level be high enough to detect even if I am pregnant? (This will be the 7th week
Theresnonames Theresnonames
May 9, 2012