Strange How Things End Up

 'am a sophomore in  medical school. i never wanted this major, infact i hated medicine, i was more interested in studing astrology or quantum physics..... and now 'am here and 'am loving it.

i guess its weird the way we keep chasing after wut we want when fate always grants us whay we NEED! so we should always do the best we can then leave our fate in God's hands and relax.

Rama Rama
18-21, F
5 Responses Apr 2, 2007

Don't listen to them Rama! I wanted to be an engineer or physicist, but somehow ended up doing medicine (some gentle pressure from my uncle!). I had doubts about whether I should be doing this in the 1st couple of years, but now I am fully comitted to the subject and feel like I was meant to be here all along. You can try to make your own plans in life, but sometimes life makes it's own plans for you and there are so many unforseeable circumstances that change everything.

sorry i dont get you really...cuz what i need is whats right for me n whats the best thing in da right time.<br />
About the suffering well its either a consequence of our actions or we could suffer to learn something new in life ...nothing comes to u easily

I have to disagree with this statement;<br />
"i guess its weird the way we keep chasing after wut we want when fate always grants us whay we NEED! "<br />
I think you'll find the definition of 'need' very hard to pin down. Also, the amount of suffering on this earth is not what anyone 'needs'.

This is just my experience, but not wanting do medical school is the best reason NOT TO DO IT. Ending up with a couple of years of clinical practice under your belt and having this gaping hole in your life because you didn't follow your truest instincts isn't worth it.<br />
<br />
It's true that you can marry other interests with medicine, so long as you find a practice that will let you, but if your heart really isn't in it...

same here... i wanted to study theater and become a broadway actress and some how i ended up in medical school... go figure