I Suck At This

im so afraid that im gonna be the worst medical assissant, right now im learing venipuntures, yesturday i did my first one on a real person( another student) i did a good job according to the teacher and the girl sd she didnt feel a thing- good my worst fear is hurting someone but i got no blood. it was fustrating and discorging, everyone else in class is getting blood, this one girl got three tubes of blood from like 6 diffrent ppl. so today i tryed again. from the start i had no confidence in myself.  i found as vein but i couldnt see it so i was already panicing like im just gonna stick here in the arm. i had a ******* audience and another teacher coming out of no where touching my equiment, distracting me and telling what i was taught was wrong. at this point my hands are shaking and i forgot where the vein was and i couldnt do it. i went straight outside and cryed for like 10 minutes... i feel like the biggest loser and that i cant do anything right. i know i can do it but i doubt myself. i convience myself im no good, i should have been able to do it no matter what was going on but instead i freaked out. i knew going to medical school was going to be hard but i didnt know it was going to break me emotional and im not sure if i can handle it......
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am still in second year so we dont get 2 do the punctures yet but i guess nothing is easy at first ,u just have to try and try n never lose ur confidence n dont care about wut teachers say to turn u down and sometimes they r just tough on da good n promising students. also dont pay attention to others who get stuff done easily and quickly...cuz it doesnt matter u'll b doing it at the end.<br />
Good luck ;)

Seriously, don't worry! Venepuncture is genuinely a matter of practice. And everyone goes through a period of completely sucking at it, having dream runs, and then losing their touch, and finally getting a vaguely reproducible knack. It's mostly about working out how to adapt what you've been taught to your own sense of coordination. <br />
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Sometimes there are a few easy technique adjustments that make all the difference, too, so finding someone who isn't judgemental to point these out to you may help.<br />
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Finally, just remember the actual mechanics of it are mind boggling simple - all that is actually happening is that the bore of the needle needs to be placed into the lumen of the vein. Nothing more magical than that. The rest is just refining technique.