When I Was A Little Girl...

It all started when I was young, I was 3 years old.  My father had recently passed away.  I was playing in my room when my mom walked in to see me laughing and giggling as if someone was with me.  She asked me who I was playing with and I told her "DADDY"!  I used to see my Dad at the edge of my bed or when I would walk home from school.  I was never afraid, but I didn't tell anyone because I realized as I got older people might think I was crazy! 


I can walk in a room and feel a lot of different feelings in that room.  I know if people are happy or sad or angry and not just because of external expressions but I can actual feel their feelings.  That is why a lot of times I have to tune out so that I don't internalize that inside.  Once I said hello to a man who I had just met through a friend, I shoke his hand and oh boy was he sad, so sad I started feeling that inside myself, later to find out from my friend that he had lost his son, I could not shake the sadness and tears, until she told me the reason for his sadness.  He didn't show it outwardly but I felt it while shaking his hand.  There are many stories I have.  Too many to share!  All I know, is I have learned to control it and tune some of it out!  A clarvoiant one told me it was a gift.  I am too aware of my surroundings and pick up a lot of different feelings, it can be a distraction sometimes.

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There is somthihg truly remakible about how souls manage to find away to stay connected the way they do. Youi see you are evry part of your dad as you are of your mother. It just shows that he loved you very much and thats the kind of love that will live on for ever

It can be emotionally/mentally draining, this past month I've been very busy with meeting a lot of families who have lost sons, daughters, young wives and young fathers. It can take a toll on me because this may seem strange but at night I can't sleep because I am awakened by a client's loved one who just passed away. (I won't know this until the next day, but, I will know that night that someone is trying to make it known to me). I toss and turn, I hear and feel I am not alone in the room, besides my husband. Sometimes, I have to get up and just go down to the family room to turn on the tv so that I can fall asleep, tv is a distraction for my mind. It is funny, I know my husband feels this too, but he tunes it out, he is much stronger, I am too in tune with it, too sensitive. There isn't a soul in this world who can hide their feelings or internal emotions from me, it's a very intense sense I have and I can't shake it. But when I am too tired from not sleeping well, I can easily get sick. So I really have to get all the rest I need so that I don't burn out.

I wish you shake my hand and tell me what I feel because I truely don`t know!

No you're not crazy, I am similar to you. I have realised now through your story that I will have to learn to tune out because it can be too emotionally draining and too much information I am taking in. This gift grows stronger. I have been advised by a spiritual counsellor to use my gift to work with people in hospice's as i also know when people are going to die.I have done various other things but need to find a balance. I was drwn to randomly contact someone from my circle and this story is helpful and encouraging. Thanks so much for having the courage to share. x

Its not crazy that you are so intuned with everything around you. My sister and I share somthing very special, when ever there is somthing wrong on her side, I sense it and call her she knows I will call and stands by the phone. She is the same way with me and there is somthing very spiritual about that. So no you aren't crazy absolved, we share somthing very unique and special on that subject

Red ur profile and story u sound like a wonderfull person

You are blessed in that you have the gift of empathy. Use your gift to help others.