Living With Someone Else You Can't Tell People About.

Here is the thing, and I understand people may find this crazy, which is why I can't tell people about it... but hey, you don't know who I am so why not.

I have an old spirit living inside me... is part of me. I don't know how to explain it, but I have memories of experiences I've ever had, I know things about topics I've never delt with. I am connected to, I guess what some would call, 'spirits'.

I just want to know how to control it, strengthen it... I'm learning to be 'ok' with it, but if anyone who experiences this has any advice, it would be most helpful.  
RedBra RedBra
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 18, 2011

I have had kind of the same thing a dream that keeps popping up of the way I passed away in my last life.. Each time you find yourself having the dream look at the details, look for clues.. the more in depth you get with the dreams the more you take from them.. It can be a great tool for you. they used to scare me too, but the more you learn to work with it the stronger it makes you.

Sounds like you're having some past life recognition,consider yourself lucky to have these memories.If only we could all retain the knowledge & experiences we've sometimes had to learn the hard way,it just might make this life a little easier.My best advise to you is meditation.This will put you more in tune with yourself spiritually no matter what life your living.consider this gift sort of a loop hole my dear,take it for all its worth.Best wishes!:-)

Thank you :)