My Story So Far..

I have just decided to share my most personal experiences.. 

I have been what I call a "sensitive" for years, seeing things I was never truly able to understand for as long as I remember.. 

It all pretty much started around the time I turned 2-3 My mom told me as soon as I was out of the crib I would sleep in my closet.. sounds weird I know, but I had these stories about this "second family" who I apparently liked much more then my real one.. 

Around the same time we where living in an apartment building, I remember seeing a mean old man who lived down the hall in the fallowing years I learned he was a lonely man who didn't really have many visitors, my mom would go and check up on him from time to time but he was more happy just being left alone.. I guess he had a heart attack and was found rotting into the floor.. (this actually was seen by my friend who's father was the owner of the building.. and she was just tagging along..) The building was very quiet according to my mom up unit the day they found the mans body after he was removed things would happen around the house like things would fly from the walls, my mom would hear growling coming from inside my room when I was sleeping, and I totally stopped sleeping in my bed.. So my mom made the choice to move, 

In the fallowing years we bounced around from place to place, and as I grew there where just weird weird things.. as I grew the more intense the visions got.. 

Around age 6-7 we would all go to my great aunt and uncles house for the holidays. And in the den would sit a old man with almost a white "monk" bald on top hair style, he was thin and frail dark brown eyes, and one hell of a pirate smile. He was always in the same clothes (blue jeans and a blue plad shirt) I can remember him there for what seemed like forever.. I silently acknowledged him every time, and he would get really upset when people would sit in his black leather chair.. so one night when I was 6 or 7 I asked my mother who he was.. and as I told her the man I could see, her face got pail and she sat back with her mouth dropped.. she took a few minutes to compose herself, then leaned forward, and explained that he was my grandfather's father, he worked his whole life to buy the farm house they still live in, and he had passed away from Alzheimer's and when he did pass they took down all of his photos and put them in his room and shut the door. I still think its the same as the day he passed.. But before he did pass he had painted the house on the outside orange, red and navy blue.. my Aunt and Uncle still keep it the same colours even thought its god awful..   

By the time I was about 7-8 years old I would go back to my mother giving her messages from her mother who passed when my mom was only about 16, But I would warn her about boyfriends, her health, I can clearly remember my grandmother sitting on my bed telling me how she wished she was alive to step in and make my mother listen to her.(my mother was going through quite a few of her own personal demons.) . my grandmother was always around me, and she was truly the most beautiful soul I have ever seen, She would often tell me that I acted alot like her and that's why it was harder for my family to accept me.. I today under stand this more.. But I remember these long talks.. I have not had a visit from my grandmother in around 4 years.. 

Around the time I was 14, my Grandmother's best friend (now my step grandmother).. her Husband was ill with cancer.. My grandfather still best friends with the both of them (as the kids all grew up together) My grandfather was there for her the same way she was there for him when he lost my grandmother to breast cancer..  Anyways a tad bit off topic, but the Night my (step) grandmother's husband passed, I woke up to him at my bed.. looking at me, he no longer looked sick or lost, just very tall and stiff.. he said to me, " I know your different from the others.. I knew you would hear me, so tell them I said goodbye.." and as fast as he showed up he left.. I went back to sleep and was woken up in the morning by my mother telling me Gary had passed through the night. I smiled at her and told her what had happened and that he did not look sick or lost like he did in the weeks leading to his passing.. we never told my step grandmother.. 

a few years and many apartments between these things, (with lots of little things in between) My mother moved us into a whole house, it was older.. but I nice house.. (without a closet in my room so I had no choice but to sleep in my bed.) I think I was about 13 when we lived there.. after the first week I started seeing this young boy in 1800's clothing.. running around my house, trying to play with myself and my brother.. His name as I later learned was Jonathan, a couple of years younger then me, messy brown hair. dark eyes. A normal see though boy.. lol Anyways I would wake up to him sitting at the end of my bed or standing over me just looking at me. He would try and talk to me but I would tell myself I was going crazy and didn't want to believe it could be real, even though I knew it was.. Jon would get mad.. he would scream in my ear, wright messages on my window on hot summer nights, he would slap the back of my head.. Anything he could do to force contact.. one night I remember I was home alone, brushing a dolls hair when he grabbed her off my desk and whipped her to the window.. he yelled " I KNOW YOU CAN SEE MEE!!" finally I admit to myself and him that  I could and it sparked a weird Casper like friendship. Through dreams he showed me how he had passed.. He was hyper and running around the house, looking freakishly like the one I lived in.. in the dinner room was a wood burning stove. (not while I lived there,, only a pulsatered over hole sits there now) his dad went to grab him by the shoulders and shook him as if to say enough.. but it was with enough force Jon had slipped out of his fathers fingers and cracked the back of his head on the stove.. I seen in my dream the blood.. and smelled the fire.. his father burned him to hide what he had done.. after the dream I went to a near by cemetery just to make sure I wasn't crazy and sure enough there was a grave for a missing boy.. after I moved I never saw Jon again.. I do miss him though and maybe in years to come I will buy that house.. 

more time passes and when I was about 16 my Best friend Shawn who lived in Toronto had called me, he was really upset, he had told me that he had seen some guy beating up his girlfriend and Shawn being the bad *** that he was chose the jump in a beat the guy up pretty back, I guess this guy was part of some gang and Shawn had found out they where coming to get him, I told him to come hide out for a while and things would be fine, I had big news to share with him anyway..  He told me he had to work some things out and he would come see me for my birthday for sure.. we said our good buys and I tried not to think about it, a few months went by and not a word. I was pregnant not with Shawn's baby he was my best friend.. that would'a been weird.. but anyway shopping with a friend and ran into his mother... who instantly broke down as soon as she seen me.. I went over to her and asked where Shawn was.. she told me he had taken his fathers gone and shot himself leaving a note saying he wasn't going to let them be the ones to take his life.. His mother was the one who found him, but never found my number to call and tell me.. after I found out it didn't feel real, he was just gone.. he knew what I could see and he never came to say good bye.. I was passed pissed off. The selfish bastard.. then about 2 months before I had my daughter he was in my room. I could see everything but his face... in its place was a black hole, His clothing was in vivid colour, he was even holding his big white bowl.. if anything was a favorite in Shawn's world it was that big white bowl. He would talk and I would act like he wasn't there. He never gave up or went away he would sit around my house with his bowl and talk and talk and talk.. he knew I was mad, but now he had all the time in the world to drive me insane.. I will come back to Shawn in a moment 

When I had my daughter and was staying in the hospital for a few days I would hear my name every night.. Hospitals are naturally horrible for me for given reasons so being in there for 3 nights was like a light switch to every soul, but I would only see one in my room.. just the energy not the face, the others would be out of the room.. on the last night there I had my friend stay in the room with me, she had heard his voice too saying my name.. so I got out and went to get my photos developed and sure enough in every photo with my Grandmother on my dads side was a figure of a human.. in one he reaches for my daughter. and my grandmother is actually in the reflection of the window because she was behind the camera.. my Dad told me after seeing the photos that my Grandfather had passed away a year before I was born in the same room just one floor above me.. was it my grandfather?? did he keep the other souls away so I could rest?? I like to think so.. 

5 years ago I met my boyfriend, he is also sensitive.. I never really believed him.. but after a while you can just tell.. he would come over to my house and ask me "who's the blonde kid with that bowl.." so I told him it was Shawn.. He could tell me things that he should never know.. Like he knew I had a pink and black jewelery box at my mothers house. This was long before we dated or he had ever seen the inside to my house. My boyfriend actually became almost like a teacher helping me.. not control but block out the times I really just couldn't handle what I could see.. One night we went camping and I was drinking.. (that makes you a little more.. defenseless.) I went to call it a night and crawled in the tent.. I turned to take off my shoes then turned back and there was a large black mass cloud with long vector like arms reaching at me, I was frozen in fear the only thing that worked was my mouth, so I screamed for my boyfriend to come get me, he also seen the mass, pulled me out of the tent and took me for a walk by the time we came back it was gone and I was drained. 
the same summer we where laying in my bed with the door closed, in the pitch black and these blue lights appeared on my ceiling. they where beautiful and vibrant and seemed to be dancing for us. That night I had the most beautiful sleep of my whole life. 
My boyfriend and I have had some amazing spiritual adventures together.. I am so lucky to have someone like me to share my life with.

I moved into a small place and was pregnant with my second daughter with my boyfriend and the black mass started to appear again.. it would now turn on my kettle at night turn on burners and the oven. I would come home to the place trashed and he would stand in my door way at night.. tall with no head.. just a black figure.. about 9 months Shawn started showing back up and the black figure appeared a little less often.. I had the baby, and we moved again. across the city. and for 9 months it was quiet.. I have just moved again, now I am about 8 blocks from the house I lived in when the black figure appeared back.. 

These are my most personal and life changing experiences, there are really like millions more, but I figured I would share some..  <3 
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they sound like my experiences when I was a kid although the more I grew up the more people told me iwas full of it and stop talkin ****. After a while I believed them and lost my gift so to speak so I was wondering if you can add me as a friend and maybe help me find what I have lost