I Am A Medium

Hi my name is priscilla, i am 13 years old i have been researching things that can tell me if i am a pshyic or an medium. I know i am because
i can feel spirits and see them, i know when there around i can feel, it gets cold then i get chill bumps or it gets really hot but i still get chill bumps.....
at first my first encounter was when i was cleaning my room I had my old year book then i set it on my bed, then i went into the kitchen to make me a drink then when i came back it was back in my dresser and everything was piled back on it... i was scared and i asked my family if they heard, or have been in my room and they said no, well i know it wasn't them because they were in the living room watching t.v. I said i didn't really matter so a couple of months later my dad past away june 8, 2011 then I kept hearing noises, and then i went into the bathroom where the noises were coming from and i seen a black tall shadow, i said who are you and it giggled and then my shower curtain flew wide open..... This has been happening to me alot hearing noises and seeing shadows... can anybody help or talk to me?!?! please comment back.
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1 Response May 13, 2012

if the activity has been happening all along then its probably something bound to the land. Spirit doesnt see things the way you or I do. They can see people sometimes. but more often then not they have no idea you are even there.. It takes an extreemly strong spirit to make contact.. did you look to see if the window was open in your bathroom or could the central air have been on??? where you half asleep when this black figure giggled? Sometimes your mind fills in the blanks for you. I have had the gift of site since birth. Its very rare for someone to just wake up with this ability. but you dont always have to be a medium to see things. When looking for answers it is best to leave as much detail as possible. Otherwise my guess is as good as yours. Keep a log and look for ways to debunk what you experiences, if you have a camcorder record your room when you sleep. see what you come up with.. wright down all of your dreams and look up the meaning to key words. PLEASE for the love of god dont go looking to make contact. you will invite in something that you will NOT be able to handle on your own or with your friends. If at any point you feel in danger feel free to contact a local meduim. (who you have researched or get ready to be scammed) 99.999999% of the time the spirit is harmless and doesnt even know your around. If you where a meduim its like a light goes off around you and the spirits will flock to you (in hospitals or public places) So basically you would have already known. I hope this helps. please be careful.