I Am A Medium

Many years ago I attended a Disco at a local pub with some friends and our children, the music and children were noisy but I could hear people talking, i saw people and spoke to them. I told my friend who I was talking to and what they said, she asked if I realised these people had passed into Spirit, I said I can see them, I can hear them they are here. She later told me all the facts I had said and all the names and information I had passed on were completely accurate.

A year later she bought me a pack of Tarot cards, I still use this pack, I felt at home with the cards and have developed the ability to see the cards, when I do a Reading for someone their Spirit friends come through, often with a words of comfort and sometimes with laughter and joy.

Prior to this the only Spirit I had seen was my Mother shortly after her passing, I woke during the night to see her standing at the end of my bed, I had no fear as this was my Mum, she smiled and I felt all was alright.

I have recently had my own Tarot site built and a blog connected to it. I am very proud of my gift.
CarolsTarot CarolsTarot
2 Responses May 18, 2012

i wish i was psychic, you are so lucky!

Good Luck CarolsTarot. <br />
I hope you are doing well. <br />
Thanks for sharing your story. XX