I Am Looking For A Medium Mentor

I have the ability to see and hear the dead as if they were standing right next to me all my life. It spooked me quite a bit growing up, and had encountered some bad spirits out there and tried to close myself off to this ability. I only closed the door so far, as I still see and hear things when I am willing. Recently, I have been able to smell things, like a spirit who used to smoke or died in a fire, smell the chlorine of the pool they drowned in.. Ive always been able to see in the immediate future such as a few minutes to 2 days, its not all the time, but its fairly constant and accurate...and now I am getting imprints, and almost thoughts placed in my head from the other side with strong urges to tell a specific person these messages I recieve. I tested out my new found ability to realize I am able to communicate with spirits for other people. I am not sure how to explain how it all happens, as I am always shocked I get any of it right. I have been doing some exercises to strengthen my abilities, which seem to be working. However, I am looking for a mentor. Someone who has years and years of experience to help guide me and help me utilize this gift in a positive way for others. I really want to relay the message correctly, and need some guidance on how to understand some of the messages I receive.

Please contact me if you truly are a medium and are willing to work with me as a mentor.
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I have only SEEN ghosts but the spirits communicate differently. Just like you said when they transfer emotions and pictures. I don't get names very well but that makes sense to me because names are not important to them. I am very uncomfortable with mediums who use the word "I". "I" don't say anything. THEY do. They have the personal relationship with the person they want you to talk to. Also they talk in a sort of code sometimes to protect privacy I think which is silly because I rarely even remember what they say. It's more like being a translator than anything else. I prayed for God to take the ability aeay for a time when it interfered with my personal life in a severe manner. But I found I felt empty without it. So now I do it again but within my own parameters. I would be very glad to talk to you about this. I have been looking for a long time for a support group type situation with people like me

thanks, I agree with you there. but its deeper than that. How do I get from experiences that persons emotions such as extreme sadness or overwhelming joy, or pain deep in my chest or fuzzy foggy feeling and relate them to what it means?

your gut feeling on the meaning is almost always correct