Feeling, Seeing And Hearing Everything

So I'll start at the beginning... I've always seen things, flashes of lights and things that simply just don't go... when I was younger I was afraid of monkeys in my room instead of monsters and my mom says that I'd talk to the "monkeys." When I was in third grade I was taking a a shower and a window fell on me... All I remember is being pushed by this big black thing and when I opened my eyes I was turned the other way. If whatever or who ever moved me I probably wouldn't be alive because the frame fell on my elbow where my head had been only seconds before hand.

I stopped talking to the spirits around fifth grade because I told me my mom that I heard an angry voice that said I wasn't able to something and she just told me to tell it to go away and since that day that specific voice never came back, but I also stopped listening and talking to "voices."

Then freshman year in high school I had my first real contact with the other side. I was talking to a girl online (it was band's forum page) and suddenly a woman was talking to me and it turned out to be her mother. The mother sent scents, images and talked to me. She sent pictures of pearls, roses and a rainbow M.. turned out that the girl's sister Megan had autism... It was strange and I felt as if I was not there, even though I really was.

In eighth grade other things happened, like I was able to feel other's emotions, which was stressful and bizarre. I was also able to write very well but it was like I wasn't writing, someone else was taking control.... it still happens.

Much more recently I had 2 encounters... one was with my mom's friend's grandmother. My mom's friend was telling us about her grandmother's death and how she was there and her grandmother was in the room and telling me to tell her that she was beautiful and thankful she was able to see her one last time and this was earlier this year and I didn't tell my mom's friend until about three weeks ago. The reason I told her was because my friend's dead best friend helped and told me I had to. He became really close with me and helped me through a lot. I spoke with my friend on the 1 year anniversary of his death and gave her a reading, I didn't mean to and I was scared but I knew she believed in it and he was pretty much screaming at me to do it... and I did. He passed many images and inside jokes through me to her and it was nice to see her cheer up even though she was freaked out..

Now, it is like my flood gates are open and I have spirits coming in left and right and I can't touch anyone or else I get so much of their mood and feelings. I can't even be in the room with more that one person at a time, or I can't concentrate and I need to run out of the room. I am even feeling the spirits emotions which is the first time ever. Some are nice, and quiet but other's are scary. I got a message from a woman yesterday while I was in class. She showed me a picture of her son and told me I had to find him... she told me he was the one and she kept bothering me. She told me what state he is in and I don't know what to do with that information and she keeps staring at me... like right now.

Then there's the whole being able to sense the future... like I know something big is going to happen on May 24, I don't know what, but I know it.

Have you ever just wished it would all go away, but then you think that it will be really lonely and too quiet?
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Yes, I've wished for silence before. But who would I be without it? The key is learning to work with it. If not, being sensitive can get a bit overwhelming. Do you meditate?

I do meditate and it helps

<p>I read this story, as well as, your other story about you being single. I think you being a medium has a large part of why you are still single. I assume you can "see" into people and maybe their insides aren't as attractive as their outsides. I wish you luck on finding the right person who is compatible with your special abilities and is attractive to all of your senses.<br />
As for your medium abilities, I hope you develop them as much as you can. I can understand it may be bothersome with spirits hanging around or talking to you when you don't want them to. But if you look at it, you have a unique gift that few other people have. You're like a modern-day superhero and your special power is talking to the dead. And I think that is awesome! I guess it would be great if you could control your abilities like a light switch and could turn it on or off when you wanted to....but unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Hopefully, over time/experience you are able to manage/control it better. I just hope that other people (I refuse to say normal people), who know of your capabilities, don't bring you down just because you are not like them. Who knows, maybe one day your job might be helping people to connect with deceased loved ones.<br />
As for me, I can understand a very little bit of what you are going through (only the seeing in the future part) but nowhere near what you're capable of doing. There have been several occasions where I have been able to see in the very near future (kind of like the Final Destination movies but not that horrific or that long of a sequence). Whenever I got these images I felt the nerves inside of me reacting (kind of like when you get startled by something/someone). For instance, there was this one time when I was driving my car and I had an image (kind of like a short movie clip) that showed a particular car pulling out in front of me. Then, about ten seconds later, I see that car at an intersection and I know exactly what is going to happen. Since I was prepared, I was able to brake in time to keep from crashing into the side of the car. If I didn't have this image shown to me just beforehand, I wouldn't have been able to react as fast and would have crashed into the side of the car. Another time, I was at an event that was drawing raffle tickets for a prize. Just as the person drawing the raffle ticket picked out the winning ticket I got that strange nerve feeling and I could "see" that it was my ticket number. It was as if I was looking over his shoulder at the ticket in his hand. So inside my head I say "Hey, I won!!" and began walking up to claim my prize. I took a few steps and then realized that the guy didn't call out the winning number yet, so I stopped in my tracks. A few seconds later he calls out my ticket number and I continued walking to the front to claim my prize. I got a little embarassed and was a little worried that maybe someone saw me start walking up too early and think that the drawing was fixed but no one seemed to have noticed.<br />
Anyways, I wish you luck and happiness. Don't let life bring you down. Take care.</P>