Seeking Friendship and Guidance With Mediumship

I'm 29 and recently started to acknowledge my ability to communicate with spirits... Recently, as in, over Thanksgiving.

I've been reading anything I can find on the subject matter, and in just this short amount of time, my life has changed drastically for the better. I feel more at peace.

I'm hoping to find friends for support on this journey but also am hoping for some advice. For instance, I'm having a hard time connecting with my spirit guides... Every time I try to mediate, I'm overwhelmed by other spirit communication. Two women are particularly persistent. I've figured out who one of them is but not the other. I'm hoping for suggestions about how to get better organized information from spirits and build relationships with my guides.
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I've experienced this before. You have to talk to them. Remember, you are in control. Some many not agree, but I believe you have to allot time to work with spirit. If not, they will consume your life. Also, protect your space. It seems they are in your bedroom a lot. Try putting Amethyst under your bed or in the crack behind your doors. Also, perform weekly cleanings to keep unwanted innergy away. Hope this helps.

Thanks, Christy! How do I do a cleaning? Also, I'm not sure I want these women to go away... I just want to be able to help them move on. If I do the cleaning, is there a chance they would leave?

Well, I am still young and slightly new at this and I know there are charms or prayers to say to protect yourself and help... but I find that just talking out loud to them helps a lot.... just don't do it in a crowded place. If they ask you to do something you should do it (within reason). I had my mom's friend's grandmother following me and talking to me persistently and she blocked the others out... so the one woman you figured out, ask her what she needs or wants, in a way that won't offend her and help her. You can come to me for anything you need to, as well. I am here for support :)

Thanks, Livvie!! I appreciate it! I'll definitely try to get more info from her.