I Move Energy Every Day And I'm Looking For Partners To Help

I often encounter small spirits who are tiny evil angels. They are malicious troublemakers and I usually ask God to destroy them or destroy them myself. Jesus Christ also helps me and I love Him.

Sometimes I encounter powerful angels, whom I love and love dearly. One helped me with the Garden of Eden energy mysteries. Another was kind to me and close to God.

If you do divination, instead of or in addition to talking to spirits, you should scrye on a Picture of Everything, which I can help you make, and see where the issue and problem is. I scrye my pictures every few days.

I encourage you to put up Reiki symbols around your house and around the world. I have sent magical symbols to 1000 energy places around the world. They are helping guide and sort the world's energies. I have felt them work! Maybe you can do good things with your energy and skills too.

I want to open a Reiki and Energy hostel in Hawaii. We'll have seminars on energy medicine and do energy work every day. It'll be special. Hawaii has the world's best land energy. It isn't yet done being created, so we can't know how much better it is yet! Good luck.

happy 12/21/2012 when it comes! The people I want to talk to about this date will be talking about it on 12/23/2012, when it's passed, surely, since that level of importance does not fade quickly.
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Dec 12, 2012