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I have had paranormal encounters as a child but I am not a medium. However, I am quite certain that my 14 year old daughter is. After much research, I have found that she fits in to 3 of the following catergories: clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience.
She has just recently told me that she has been seeing people and shadows her whole life and about 2 years ago she started hearing whispering that she cant understand. Unfortunately she felt she was crazy so didnt tell anyone until now. She is terrified by what she is experiencing. Its breaking her spirit.
While I am trying to explain that this is a gift to help others, she finds it to be a curse. But during my research I find this to be a common thought with children.
I wanted to talk to someone that has experienced what she has. I wanted someone credible. I did find someone online who has been corresponding with me via email for a few days. This medium has helped a bit and would like to talk with me and my daughter about how to control things and how to deal with this gift. It is wonderful that this medium can help, however, I am a struggling single mom and with Christmas coming, I cant afford her fees.
The thing is my daughter and I arent looking for a reading or anything. All I want is for my daughter to have someone to talk to that is a medium as well, someone that can teach her how to be in control of this. And someone that was as scared as her at one time.
I would prefer someone closer to her age so theres a better connection, but anyone of any age that can help her in any way would be appreciated. Even if you cant relate with her but know of someone who can, please let me know.
It kills me to see her hurting so much and I cant take away her pain.
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Hi, I know this is a few years old but if you're daughter is still encountering these problems, I would be happy to help. I have spoken to many who have a problem connecting to their spiritual gifts and those who are scared, as in the instance of your daughter, and have helped guide them to their resolution. I cannot make people harness their Gifts, in fact some have refused their Gifts, but guide them on their journey to better understanding. The whispering that you mentioned can mean only one of two things, the spirit(s) is shy, or it is messing with her emotions. In fact, many spirits like to mess with people. But either way, I would like to help you free of charge, because I don't use my Gift for profit, actually, I refuse to use my Gift for profit. If you still need help, email me. I can send you my email in message form. Not out in public

I am a medium and I may be able to help. Maybe you and your daughter can look for a Spiritualist church near you. Spiritualism is a religion in the US and it is a very good way to learn all about this.

Also, a Spiritualist church will have many people who have been through this and they can also offer unfoldment classes for mediums. They can teach your daughter how to do this safely and in a healing helpful loving way.

Have you ever watch psychic kids on a & e or just buy it from itunes it will help you understand her gift and how she can live with it.

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My heart goes out to you and your daughter. I too developed my gifts as a child and felt "crazy" and "different". Without support, it took years to become comfortable with myself. But I made it. These are hard times for those on a destined spiritual path. More importantly, it can feel extremely overwhelming for someone who has no idea what the sensations mean. Furthermore, I have a 14 year old daughter who sees spirit. Luckily for her, she has a experienced mother.<br />
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Now a days, I am a practicing psychic/ medium with a thriving wholistic healing center in the Northwest. One of my passions is helping others quietly come into their gifts. I would love to donate some time to you and your daughter, in hopes of giving her/ you enlightenment and coping skills. You can reach me on my website, www.loveyourselfhealthy.net. If you send me an email with your contact information, I will make some time in my schedule to speak with you. Love and Light,Christy Lynn Abram

DON'T SPEND A DIME, SUGAR!!!!! THAT OTHER MEDIUM IS JUST OUT TO TAKE ALL THE MONEY SHE OR HE CAN SQUEEZE OUT OF YOU, NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE. There is a medium on television who specializes in psychic children and helping them come to terms with their gifts. His name is Chip Coffey. I believe his show is called CHILDREN OF THE PARANORMAL. Please promise me you will look him up and find the guidance your little girl deserves. PLEASE. She is worth it and I'm SURE that you know this or you wouldn't be writing what you did.
Good luck, girl!

Thank you for taking the time to respond.
I am familiar with Chip Coffey. I did look at his site hoping he would have something offering to help children with this gift, especially seeing as he did work on the show Psychic Kids. However, I was unable to find a link like that on his site. But I did find some very high prices just to talk to him.
I am becoming very discouraged. If God has chosen to give someone this gift, I would think they would be willing to help a frightened confused child without charging such outragous prices.