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Hi im 24 years old and I've seen and heard things since childhood but I've never been able to communicate with them. I recently went to see a psychic medium and some spirits came through with messages for my friends and family. After delivering the messages I felt a great feeling from giving my family and friends peace of mind. I've never known what my purpose is in life I've always felt useless and like I have no reason to be here but since I passed on those messages I've felt this light, my mind won't rest, I'm in a blur and its like everything is telling me to become a medium. I keep hearing the tv saying words like psychic, medium, spirits and I'm pretty sure they are signs from the spirits. Can somebody please help me develop my spiritual gift. My friends don't believe in mediums and spirits So I've got no support from them and I don't want them to see me going to spiritual church Because they will turn on me. I dont want to make money out of this just bring people happiness and peace of mind. Im scared but I know this is what my purpose is and I'm alone in it. Please help me.
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Since all this started with me wanting to develop my spiritual gift there has been a man here in spirit, he's with me all the time, he is the father of the kids I babysit, I've never met him while he was living but for some reason he's always around me now and I don't understand why. I hear him speak and laugh and I become depressed when he's having a bad day it's like I feel what he feels. I go and see different mediums just for a reading so far I've seen 7 different ones and I never give anything away because I want to see how much they know about me but every single one has mentioned the man that's always here. They know hes called lee and that he took his own life, but each medium says something different about the reason he's with me. The first one said it's cos of the bond I have with his little boy, second one said he's my guide, 3rd one said he's got a brotherly sisterly love for me (she really didn't like him, shesaid hes bad for me and she couldn't get anything from me cos he's blocking her, he thinks he's protecting me but he's not, and she sent me away cos he was giving her a headache) she said he's here cos I'm in the same mind that he was before he took his own life and that I should send him away cos he's bad. 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th all said he's inlove with me and that the feelings are so strong it's actually deeper than love. I don't believe that one bit because I never met him while he was alive, I only know his spirit. Anyway I only hear him say random things and sometimes he shows mestuff in my mind or dreams but ibe only seen him once which was just before I saw the first medium. He hada sstrong white glow around him which made me thing he was some sort of angel or something special. But all tho I don't see him I know when he's there cos I feel him. I want to talk to him and find out why he's really here but everytime I try I get nothing. Any ideas?

Relax. Being stressed about it wont help. It's like an effect of you dream about what your dwelling on in a sense. It could maybe also have you thinking about it so much you don't realise you are. So when you see the words. You think it's a sign. So just relax. Then meditate and use sage like whitewitch suggested.

Hello Flash,
Well the first advice as a medium myself is to not panic. Relax yourself and clear your mind. Have you ever used Sage? That helps in meditation and clearing any harmful energies that try to interfere with you. If you need help, advice with anything I am open to help.
Blessed Be!

I am very similar. I have a mentor and am just beginning to hone my gift I will pass on what ever I can if you like.

Yes thankyou, that will be a great help.