Adopting A Bloodhound

A week and a half ago I adopted a 3 yr old Bloodhound so I could train her as a search and rescue dog. It's taken her a while but she is finally settling in and adjusting to her new home.

Last Sunday she had her first training run and did rather poorly, but it was the first time and she wasn't quite sure what she was to do. Thursday was her second training session and did well on a short track, then today she had her third session and it was amazing. She did two separate tracks and did well on both.

The first was about 75 yards with two turns, she did okay, and it was my mistake at the end that made her falter before making the find. Her second run was much better, somewhere between 100 to 125 yards with three turns and she did spot on, going directly to the young girl who had gone and hid.

I was amazed, not expecting her to pick it up so quickly. I know we have a long way to go. (In training her, I also need to be trained to read her natural indicators so I know what she is telling me). We are a team and I am only expecting things to keep improving.

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1 Response May 5, 2012

Search and rescue a very noble and necessary cause indeed! I admire and respect your efforts to help mankind. I know you will work hard to train this dog and she will be an excellent dog for this work. :)