Le Castel Viel


I cannot write too much here about a society that is quite difficult to join like the Castel. I can say it has both religious and philosophical aspects, identities, in it's makeup.

I have been a member since I was put up for membership by my father when I was eleven years old. There are levels to the membership, and the first level I went into was the Noviciate.

You are a novice for six years. The training is fairly intensive for this first period. Afterwards, you are an Esquieu for two years before an examination which leads to the next office, which is called the Chevalierie.

The third office can last all your life! There is a fourth office which a few are elected to. It forms part of the Conseil du Castel.

I have my examination due for my promotion from the
Esquieuerie to the Chevalierie. Having gone into the Noviciate at eleven, I had a preliminary additional two years of education, because I was quite late getting my period (I was twelve years eight months and fourteen days old when I became a woman, in the physiological sense).

The Castel has some quite ancient truths embedded in its teachings.
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