Just Passed My Eleventh Anniversary

I am a proud and happy member of AA. I believe that my Higher Power, the Program of AA, and the Fellowship, saved my life, restored my sanity, and has given me everything of value in my life today.

I had lost virtually everything when I came crawling (back) into the rooms in 1999. I was finally willing to surrender, to listen, to learn, and to follow good orderly direction.

When I talk to newcomers now I sometimes feel like yelling at them that they are standing in the middle of a miracle and are still to insane to realize it! But as long as they do not leave before the miracle happens, they too will someday be sponsoring newcomers and will have the same reaction.

Oh, I know I am not cured, but the 24-hour reprieve I have, based on the maintenance of my spiritual condition, is simply fantastic!
TheBookman TheBookman
56-60, M
4 Responses Jan 8, 2011

Congrats domking!<br />
<br />
My secret for 11 years? Taking it a day at a time, working the 12 Steps, and following the Big Book... going to meetings and loving the fellowship! When in doubt, I reach out to another alcoholic.

Congratulations for the Eleven years of daily miracles,Bookman.Blessed be!Keep coming back!!<br />
It works wonders,if I work it! Tend the books,but especially the Big one.<br />
Thank you for staying sober in AA program and for showing me the way.HP has been kind to me,too.<br />
If I stay in the steps another 3 days,(which I sure intend to) I will reach my 4 years on 14th.<br />
Gratitude,Love n Hugs


High too thank the higher power! Best to you!