Day 1 Of Sobriety

Today I quit drinking. I am having with drawl symptoms like trembling, nausea and dizziness. I drank almost everyday for 30 years. I am a serious alcoholic. I worshiped alcohol. It was my God. But then I decided to go to church and I learned that I cannot worship the drink if I want to worship God. Thus I stopped drinking today. I do not know what it is like to live a sober life. I am looking forward to it. I have the support of church friends and I am going to start going to AA on Monday. A church friend is taking me as my drivers license has been revoked. I crashed and destroyed my car while driving drunk and was arrested in 2008. I retired from my job as a result of the wreck and the arrest. I continued to drink even more after the crash and arrest. Now I decided to quit. My mom died as a result of alcoholism. My brother is an alcoholic. I have tried to stop drinking many, many times but have never been successful. But then I never went to AA or to church. So this time I am going to have a support system that will be there to help me. I will succeed this time!!! I will give it to God. I quit smoking quite easily. I know sobriety is going to be a challenge. I know it will not be an easy road to travel but I have to succeed as I know I will die soon if I don't stop drinking. I also want to worship God as he deserves and I cannot do this unless I give up the alcohol. Yesterday I drank 2 pints of Tequila. I am a secret drinker. I hid the bottles all over the house and in the garage. I gathered them up today 56 empty and half empty bottles of tequila. I poured them all out and threw them away. I know I will probably find more because I am a black out drunk and forget where I hid them. Alcohol also made me mean. It changes my personality. I turn into someone I hate just like my mother used to do. So today I say "Goodbye to evil alcohol". I looked up all the things alcohol does to a person today and realized that the way I am feeling is from the alcohol I consumed. I will go to church. I will worship God. I will go to AA and try to work the steps. I do so want to have a life that is healthy and sober.
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I am so proud of you and I don't even know you! Best of Luck and you're right God is bigger than we are and He's also bigger than alcohol.

Nearly two years ago. I wonder how this went.

Turn it over to GOD, invite his spirit in you, let him work one day at a time. He is stronger then all of us.

Keep it simple. It works if you work it. If you want it, you can have it, you just need to do it. listen to suggestions experiences strengths and hope from people. go to meetings. And remember if you found time to get drunk you can find time to go to a meeting.

keep coming back get a sponsor its hard but worth it and it can only get better

The world record for sobriety is one day.......24 hours.<br />
<br />
Congratulations...just keep doing the days get a sponsor and do the 12 Steps...<br />
<br />
All will be well.

It all starts with one day!<br />
Dont wait until Monday to go to a meeting. Go today, and everyday after. Be there 15 minutes before, stay 15 minutes after. Sit in the front and introduce yourself. Ask the group for help. Get phone numbers, and do not hesitate to call! Even if you dont feel like drinkin,just call. when you wake up, get on your knees and ask for help. You'll get suggestions, use them! Talk to the oldtimers, they need us, like we need them. Im only short of 6 months, but i have a solid network. My recovery is strong, but it only for today! <br />
Good luck, just dont drink... In time, you'll find not drinking to be the easy part of recovery.

May you have a bearable day n Please , get to Meetings.<br />
Take care, take medical help n remember , withdrawals don't last, they wear out soon if I stay put .<br />
Wish you all success in your efforts.<br />
Love n Hugs

I quit drinking 35 years ago because I realized I didn't need a chemical assist to be stupid. I'm stupid enough sober anddrinking doesn't make me smarter.<br />
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Good luck. You can do it because only you can do it.

Wishing you well ...

Thank you very much for the comment. Being on this site today has helped me.

Things could get real dicey as you go through early withdrawal ..... make sure your doctor knows what you're doing ... and get to an ER if you have really severe reactions ... you may want to detox with medical assistance .... I applaud your decision ... take care of yourself ...

thank you for the advice. I will monitor my health carefully.