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Do you think you have seen it all in the internet ? From playing games , to taking virtual college classes and interacting with millions of people , i can say for sure that i have seen it all !
Thats what i thought until i came across a site that differs from many others : IT IS ACTUALLY USEFUL FOR EVERYBODY ! has a simple premise : To help you make a difference.

With more than 9 million members and 400 nonprofit partners, Care2 is the largest and most trusted information and action site for people who care to make a difference.

Whether you’re passionate about green living, health & wellness, human rights or protecting the environment, Care2 puts the tools for change in your hands.

Once you sign up which is free , you can start signing and making petitions to protect your favorite cause from harmful hands such as drilling for oil in a fragile area , or animal testing , you name it, you can always stop it if you become involved!

Click free to donate to Help good causes with a click of a button which will generate a donation . Make a difference for the environment, wildlife, the rainforest, the ocean, children and more WITHOUT WASTING A PENNY AND WITHOUT GETTING OUT OF YOUR CHAIR ! That's right you can make a difference in the commodity of your own home!


You can also send E-cards to your loved ones and the best thing is that you get to save square foot of rain forest every time you do so !! With over 25,000 unique e-cards to choose from you’ll find something for every occasion.

Healthy and green living advice will make your knowledge and actions more inclined to be responsible towards our home earth and have fun while you are at it !

You can have your own profile page and email service too all for free !


I am a member of this site and everyday i convince myself that small steps DO have an impact , just as the phenomena known as the butterfly effect where one small change can cause a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena , i am there , ARE YOU?

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Yep, that is a cool group to be a part of. I've already signed to sponser a little girl from eucador, signed some petitions to save wild life and wrote a thank you letter to the tenn. police for their dedication upon breaking up a puppy mill with over 250 pups. Thank you for posting about care 2 make a differance!

Me too ... thanks ...

Thanks for this post! Im checking it out right now.