Wow How Did This Happen? From Nice Guy, To Pissed Off Guy, To Leaveing A Kid With A Smashed In Cheek On A Baseball Field...

I recently ran into a situation that brought my life into perspective and left me heavily depressed and upset with what I have done with my life and how I have lived. And after this event I began to completely change myself. My attitude, my goals, even my style. I've gone from a kid who is very nice and wholesome. Wouldn’t even hurt a fly, to what I am now. I'm aggressive. I'm brutal. and after joining an MMA club and getting good VERY fast, I find myself fighting some numb nuts Mexican with an attitude problem on a baseball field at 10 at night. He was not the least bit prepared for who I was and my shin left him with a shattered cheek and a broken nose.

I almost feel bad... the old me is making it's last cry, just die will ya?

BlueJohn46 BlueJohn46
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

This sounds, to me, like you have a "bad boy" syndrome and want to have an excuse to be bad. Lots of kids who train in mma seem to develop this. The "nice guy" routine was always an act, but now you have justified in your mind that girls want you to be a bad guy. So now you can be your true self. Why was it important that the guy was Mexican? Was that comment part of your bad guy act? I think it would be fun to fight you.

Wow man, take it easy. Fight Club is my favorite movie but I don't hope you take it out on innocents. You should turn your anger into assertiveness instead. Just like anxiety should be turned into courage. You can do it.