Hello. I'm Emmy. This is just a list of rules for everyone in Heiwa. Please, mind each one.

1. No drama.
2. Be sure to know everyone in the alliance.
3. Do not lie, there's no point in it anyway.
4. Take responsibility for your own actions and the consequences that come with them.
5. If you feel someone should be added to the alliance, take it up with the elders
6. Respect everyone.
7. Try to practice using your gift when you can, it will make a stronger and wiser person out of you.
8. No Roleplaying.
9. Be civil; no bullying of any form, swearing or obscene behaviour.
10. Try to be an active member.
11. No massive arguments - everyone has a right to their own opinion.
12. Don't break these rules
13. And, most importantly, have FUN! :3

I'll make an introductory story a little later. (^^;) So yep! Enjoy!
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*High five* Nice one Emmy! Teamwork :3

Yesss! :3