Well, it seems like everyone is making posts so I should make one too. This will be my introduction:

Hello all, my name is Arcover. It's a very significant name to me and I feel as though it's a better name than "Erin" which is what you'll find on my driver's license.

I am a werelion. In hindsight I realize that I have always been a werelion, but only awoke to my supernatural side at the age of 16. I get this from my father, who got it from his father and so on.

I've spent the last 6 years working on myself as a were-creature and I've learned so much I could probably write a novel or two about it.

I'm not a normal lion, most were-creatures aren't exact replicas of the animals they identify with. I'm leucistic, so I have very light colored fur for a lion. I also have more in common with cave lions than african lions. Which is interesting because cave lions are extinct. Lol my wereism is so weird.

As a shifter I am no master. I can shift if the moment calls for it but usually I'd rather not. I am a lion. I only call on my "lion power" when it's needed otherwise I don't bother. I come off as calm most of the time but it's a calm I've cultivated over the years to keep the aggressive temper at bay. Lions are aggressive predators after all so I like to approach all situations calmly first, and if the moment calls for it, I will display an excessive amount of violence. But otherwise I'm a happy lazy house cat :P

As far as personality goes I'm pretty laid back about most things and when I'm not being laid back I'm being impatient. I like to do things on my own time. I also like to laugh and can find humor in almost anything. I'm extremely self-indulgent. The pursuit of pleasurable and passionate things is what drives me, otherwise I could care less. Therefore I can be...obsessive, about the things I love. I'm also bossy at times. Typical "alpha-cat" behavior hahaha but I promise I tend to keep that under control very well. So long as you show me respect I will do the same ^_^ Also I like bacon, raspberries and long naps.
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O.o I like bacon and raspberries too, but together their better :P