Here's my intro :3

Hey, I'm Emmy. I'm considered the founder of Heiwa, but in my opinion I'm just one of a few. Anyone can feel free to talk to me. I've usually got a pretty flexible schedule.

Oke! So some fun facts!

1. I enjoy giving people nicknames.
2. I play field hockey as a goalie.
3. I enjoy drawing though I hardly consider myself skilled.
4. Music is my LIFE!
5. I often act cute and immature, but I'm certainly not.
6. I believe in equality, no matter the race, height, gender, orientation, or anything else.
7. I respect all beliefs
8. I love friends like they are family.
9. I can be a bit shy and awkward.
10. I use smileys. :3
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

I love (field) hockey!! XP

Do you? :o

Yeah! I love playing midfield and tackling :D I wouldn't be good as a goalie, not with those crazily fast hits >.<

Mids have so much stamina. 0.0 I'm a goalie alright. Speed with ZERO stamina. :3

I'm a long distance runner, so speed isn't really a plus point of me :/ Goalies are the best though!

Goalies are awesome. Just today I was going against offenders on a corner (for preseason) with no defence in, like thirty times! But they just got three in. :P and the one was because I spaced out. 0.0

That's amazing!! I'm not good enough to play for a proper team, but I love a good game. I would freak and panic at all of those balls D: You really are awesome :3

Omg, it is so much fun! I LOVE IT! :D

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