Hi Everybody! I'm Hawk, and I'm a Wolf Therian and have been officially for 2+ years. So here are a few facts about me:

1. I try to be fun-loving, caring, honest and loyal (+ a whole bunch of cool adjectives) but I sometimes come across a bit hostile if you rub me up the wrong way (not that you guys will ^^)

2. I love to learn! Especially anything shifting related as I am still young.

3. I believe in physical shifting. Yep. 101%. I don't mind if you don't believe in it, just don't try and force me to think otherwise, as it just won't work.

4. I have bad days. Sorry. We all do. :/

5. I love animals and nature. All of it :D

6. I work with crystals, and have done for 7 years, so I can give you any help you need with them ^^

7. I am always here if you need anything, and you can always talk to me :3

8. I do not tolerate any kind of discrimination to anything. I support equality for everyone and tolerance of all beliefs.

9. I have lots of hobbies from computing to art, writing to anything to do with nature, fitness to music.

So, that's a fragment about me. It's great to see you all here :D Welcome to Heiwa!
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18-21, F
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I am slade bolin Alpha of the Assassin Order wolf pack with is currently merged with the shadowmoon wolf pack pleased to met another wolf. :)