Heyyyyy this is Emmy again. I decided to post a few pics of me, since Arc already has. I figure I may as well put a face to the name. :3 

So yeah! ME PICS! :D Funnnnn. :o (I hate seeing pictures of myself. :P)

P.S. Star you're next. (0.0) I'm soooo curious.
MuteSurvivor MuteSurvivor
1 Response Aug 30, 2014

You have amazing hair!! :D

And no pics from me - sorry - you know what I'm like about Internet Saftey >:)

(T^T) Omgggg Star. You're suuuuuuch a halfbum sometimes. :P

Sooorrryyy :3

Yeah Star pleeeease?

I'm still going to stick to my Internet Safety, so I apologise.

It isn't that I don't trust you, I just trust the Internet.

Sorry, Auto Correct,
"I just don't trust the Internet."

I ain't the internet and I ain't gonna do anything with yer pictures. I just kinda wanna know what ye look like. :o

But before it gets to you, this has to go through the Internet, get scanned and stored for 3 days and is analysed and kept on a database.

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