I think it is strange that people get nervous when they find out that I am a member of Mensa.

They think they are suppose to act a certain way, talk overly proper or think that I will slap them for using the wrong verb tense.

I don't care about that stuff.

I've always been good at analyzing things so test taking seemed to be a natural thing for me.

There are members from all different walks of life.  We are not all rocket scientists.

There are doctors, truck drivers, nurses, elementary school teachers, taxi drivers and cafeteria workers who are all Mensa members.

We are no different than anybody else.  It is just a high IQ.

If you are interested or have questions, you can look up Mensa using a search engine.
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Even stay at home moms. I declined a qualifying invitation back in 1999. I'm truly a hidden gem in the mud... reticent.

True genius comes in many forms. IQ tests don't measure what you know but your ability to learn and to know where to find knowledge.

True. Someone can be a good test taker and do well on an IQ test.

This is so very true. As I think I mentioned somewhere else, Mensa meetings I have attended included people from all walks of life. There were professionals and plumbers, mechanics, construction workers and all different kinds of people. When speaking to them you would never know that they qualified as a Mensa member. It was very enlightening.

So very, very true. Not everyone is a professional or someone who is clearly a genius.

Oh brother. **chuckles** Thanks.

Me too.

I'm glad someone else is the genius in the family. It takes the pressure off of me. I can just remain the trouble maker. LOL.