Twelve And A Half?

Ha, I've got this, facebook, myspace, fanfiction, deviantart, formspring, twitter, tumblr, 2 and a half youtubes, quizilla, gaia, and uh... other things that I can't even bother to remember right now.

I use facebook constantly, myspace to keep up with a few people who won't get facebooks, formspring is pretty pointless, twitter is even moreso, tumblr, is okay,  quizilla is only to read DracoxOC stories, and I haven't been  on gaia in about 2 years. I write and read fanfiction, so i'm on fanfictiondotnet, I draw poorly, but I have a huge collection of favorites on dA. I have my old youtube, my new youtube, and then my friend and I launched a youtube channel (with the first video going up soon! xDD)

Yup, that's about it I think. There were two or three others, but i figure if I can't remember them they're not that important. 

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Feb 28, 2010