No, I am NOT a member of this organization and at this point, I question all who are.

It appears the NRA want dead kids or people in general.

Why would I say such a thing?

Here's what the NRAWomen have to say.... in their 'tweet'.

"7 Ways Children Can Have Fun at the Shooting Range" via @TeamWON. READ:
— @NRAWomen
I cannot even believe they have 7642 followers.

The tweet was posted on Wednesday, after, a 9 year old girl made nationwide headline news because she accidentally killed her shooting instructor with an UZI after losing control of it, at........a shooting range.

The tweet was finally deleted, however, afterwards; the article linked into various products meant to make shooting for children more fun by introducing kiddie targets shaped like animals or zombies. or targets with bright colors or items that will explode when you shoot them.

You know, kid stuff.

Then they add a note of caution. "do need to be extra careful."

Any organization that promotes weapons for children clearly does not have your child's welfare in mind. To believe a child handling a weapon is okay, clearly ignores the advisory warnings of today's psychiatrists and health care professionals., who clearly understand, a child is too young to comprehend the enormity of a weapon (it's functionality and potentiality), death in and of itself, and the ability of how to adequately handle their emotions. They are not yet physically, psychologically or emotionally developed.

To ignore all common sense and then to go ahead and advertise for children to go shooting a gun at a gun range as a 'fun' idea is reprehensible.
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. Your comment almost sounds what's the word.... PREJUDICE

Right about. When I saw

"Here is what a few women tweeted "
And I stopped. Should I then assume that you Are crazy.Because you base your ideas around Professional heathcare, and psychology degree holders?
No I won't. But to categorize all for a few, is know.

What I wrote about was my opinion on how wrong it was for adults to market guns to children.

hearted your answer because thats what makes this country great. opinions you have that right.

I hope they take away our freedom of speech too. Then we don't have to listen to haters like you. It's like TV...... if you don't like the NRA don't follow them, Post about them or respond to this group.
Go to a women's RAPE group and ask if they wish they were armed at that time/ that moment, to help themselves.
Your a "dream wizard" all right!!!! you dreaming of the perfect world of the white picket fence around your perfect house with your perfect Ken husband and children.......... go hug a kitten or something, Oh you can't. It just got run over by a car..... lets get rid of roads.

No, I'm not dreaming of a perfect world. Also, I am NOT dreaming of a world where people don't have a right to defend themselves. People should have the right to own a gun and protect themselves and family. What I disagree with, is allowing a select few in society deemed dangerous to have the ability to obtain or own a gun.

The 'select few' I refer to, are NOT women looking to protect themselves from rapists as you accuse me of. (oh brother!).

Those in society who pose a risk ...danger to others. Those with a history of violence, or a Psychological history for the propensity of violence.

Mental Health Professionals, including those in Schools, Colleges and Universities should have a database to enter in individuals who pose a danger to others into the ARE2O (A Risk and Endangerment To Others) list. The real-time data networked to police and gun dealers. The ban to purchase a firearm can be temporary or permanently based on the individual, for Health Care Professionals to determine.

Children should not own or have access to guns, PERIOD.

Adults should not advertise and/or market the use of guns to children. PERIOD.

The above restrictions are NOT DREAMS, nor am I 'dreaming'. These restrictions are common sense based and if they were in place, our people, our kids would be safer.

Where did I say anything about not allowing a women's RAPE group the ability to own a gun? Now, you are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g ,,,,,,,,,,,,