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People eatin' tasty animals! But seriously I don't think people should be beating up dogs or anything but PETA just takes things to a whole new level.

My friend whose a member of PETA and she don't eat marshmallows cause they apparently have a tiny bit of crushed up cow bone marrow. I saw that they published a magazine ad targeted at children in the 80s that said "Your Mommy Kills Animals" that features a woman savagely attacking a rabbit with a knife. Then they have the "You wouldn't eat a dog so why eat a pig?" billboards that city folk put up. Then their's the "I'd rather go naked than where furs". In short, I think the people who started PETA are a little over zealous and slightly insane.
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I would have to agree with you. My Family and I have been eating wild game for many years and what people like Peta members dont understand is its very important to have animal poulation control. Plus when we kill an animal no meat goes wasted.