P. E.t.a.

????? People Eating Tasty Anamals?????
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LOL...you a such a man...giggles

Actualy I am VERY ethical in my treatment of animals... I eat meat. But I do not tolerate animal abuse in any form except for making my dog OBEASE... Infact I dumpster dive at the grocery store a couple times a weak for MEAT for my dog... Yesterday he ate over 2 pounds of T-bones... Day before he ate turky sasages till he couldn't stand to waddle...

Actually, you might like this guy if you don't like Peta. He does this really amazing and passionate speech. In his question and answer session, he also goes over why he despises peta, it's actually kinda funny. Humorous, but serious and straight to the point guy. Check him out ;) This is his main speech, but in the description, there is a link to his question and answer.