I Am Audience, Hear Me Wheeew!

All right, so when I say "Audience" I'm referring to the fans of Toby "TOBUSCUS" Turner. A YouTuber who's been active for probably 5 years.

I've been a part of the Audience for 3 years. :D

I'm proud to show that I follow and support Toby. I've got my TOBUSCUS shirt, and Heelys, both of which are trademark objects that are associated with who he is. And who he is, has really helped me a lot in becoming who I am.

Before I became an Audience member, I was shy, and wouldn't do anything that was outside of my comfort zone. Since I discovered Toby, I've opened up, and I'm not afraid to be a loud, hyper-active adult. :D

One of my top goals in life, is to meet Toby in person, and to thank him for helping me to work my way out of my shell.
DoctorChurchie DoctorChurchie
22-25, F
Jan 12, 2013