To Everyone!!!

If you find that last wolf who got away last night you leave him, DO NOT KILL HIM!! You break both his legs, tie him up and leave him to me, i have a F***ing score to settle
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What last wolf?

That wasn't your fight.

Calm down just trying to help here,

Wolves killing other wolves? Fighting each other is expected, but it is against the ancient laws to take the life of your brother or sister. It doesn't matter what they've done either, the universe has a way of correcting itself and keeping balance. It is not our place to determine the fate of others. We have a right to protect and defend, but that doesn't mean we hunt down those who have wronged us. I've been in this situation and the only reason I wasn't punished is because the wolf I killed murdered a human and was about to do the same to me and my brother. It was considered self defense by the Elder's Council

You have no idea what they did to my mate, if you knew then you would understand

No offence at all ment. But why have I never heard from or even heard of this "Elder Counsil" before?

They? If there is a rogue group of wolves going about, then report it to your elders. It isn't a matter of you justifying your actions.

They get what they deserve

Elders are generally wolves 40yrs of age or older. The fact that you don't have elder wolves is slightly shocking. The elder wolves of several packs come together to form a council to help the packs work together.

That isn't for you to decide unless they are continually attacking your pack. Like I said you have the right to protect your pack. The reason that it isn't ok to seek vengeance is that you could be further endangering your entire pack

They hurt and...and did unspeakable things to my mate

So you would endanger the well being of your entire pack in order to have vengeance? Which by the way isn't going to make what happened go away, the pain will still be there

No offense, but it really isn't your business what we do.

An I'm pretty sure most of the pack is okay with is being "Endangered" if it means getting back at the bastard.

Thank you Foalan

I'm not the one who wrote the laws. I was only trying to help you. If you want to continue with your plans and not listen that is your decision. Not everyone will be so kind to you for acting this way though. And you made your pack's business public by posting it on a "public forum" I was merely trying to keep you from being harassed by wolves who are less understanding. I've been fully shifting almost as long as some of you have been alive and I know how some wolves react to things like this. I was giving you a heads up because posting things like this on here also makes your pack a target

It's good that your pack is so loyal to you, but that doesn't mean you should knowingly put them in harms way

I agree, im not having all of you harmed, thos is me and him

Elder council? Never heard of such a thing. Where are they located around the world?

Who knows? Honestly Im not buying it...

It's the Elder's from an area's packs who come together. It may not apply to all packs, but the one in my area is compiled of 20 members from 4 different packs. It doesn't mean all packs have something like that. Don't be so quick to judge someone because they aren't exactly like you

You're the one saying we can't kill them because if some old wolves that YOU have. you're the one judging us for killing without speaking to wolves we don't even know or have

Some "old wolves"? There is no need to be disrespectful and that's not exactly what I said either. There are laws that we as wolves uphold and taking the life of another is seen as a dark thing. Yes, this individual may deserve death, but that's not your place to decide. These "old wolves" that I serve are seasoned warriors, they didn't make these laws either. It's a matter of respecting nature and its manner of self correction. I was not disrespecting you or making light of this horrific situation. It is very tragic and I assure you that the wolf/wolves responsible will reap what they sow. If your hands deal the blow though it isn't going to make the problem go away or make you forget. Death is never the answer. Stop looking for a fight, just because someone comes to you with advice doesn't mean they are judging you or attacking your moral character. If you don't like what they have to say then don't take the advice they give. Just say thank you for your concern, then go about your business rather than bickering like children and passing judgment on those who are merely trying to help. I've seen many wolves your age get hurt or worse all because of rash decisions so I feel a responsiblity to offer advice, I can't MAKE you do anything. It is your own choice, so go make it.

Mmmm okay im a bit confussed but okay.

Im with ya, Shadowscar.

Lol tx

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Oh and if I find him, can I "Play" with him before I give him to you?

Yeah, rip his legs off

Don't test him guys, he's pissed.

Pissed is an understatement

well sorry i dont know what it feel like to have your mate be...uh to be in your position...

Tell everyone my orders Crescent, please, i have to kill him

you got it bro.

Thank you

OK, i think i sent it to everyone.

Thanks sis

I want him dead too, ya know.


In which direction will you have me look?

Any, just find him please

Foalan and I are going to find him. Take care of crescent and Luna.

Will do

Foalan!! I got him on the run. We're heading east. Get ahead and cut him off

I can't quite catch him with my leg still in brace.

He's passed me... I can still smell him around the North West though. I'm on my way

I can't keep up. Damn it alittle help???!

I can see him. Should I wait for you?

No take him down. Ill help pull him to Kaison

I've done it. Surprised him :D he's "asleep" come here and help me...

Catches up and clamps down on the enemy's ear and rips it off. That's for making me re F my leg. * ties him up * now if we happen to drag him through rocks I'm sure Kaison won't mind

A little accident...


You guys got him?

Yep. I got him

Good, you too wait outside, i dont want you to see this, you can stay if you want, but..

Don't you think that by now I'm used to violence, hmm?

Fine stay *turns round and grabs him by the throught*

i give you permision to kill him i am the werewolf princess and if he has done wrong to make u this way,KILL HIM

Thanks, i guess

We have a princess?

No idea

I ain't buying this...

Me nether

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