I'm All Alone!

Hi I was just wondering could I join your pack? I swear that I'll be 100% true to all my pack members if you accept me! Thank you.
CelinaTheLost CelinaTheLost
18-21, F
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Hi guys, I was wondering if I could join the pack?

You should be allowed. I'm Foalion , the Beta of the pack. Describe yourself and wich position you would like.

I'm a white wolf well in my dreams I'm a M- shifter and I really need a pack. I wouldn't care where position y'all I'm just greatful y'all accepted me!

I'm not a role player either!

I've actually tried to p-shift but it's really hard.

Don't worry about it. When the Alphas are online they will properly sign you up.

When will they?

How am I supossed to know? There usernames are: Marcus77 (I think) and Caninefury
Go to Lunas profile (Canine) and look for "Looking for members for a pack" Our ranks and descriptions are there.

Oh okay thank you! :)

No problem. If you have any problems or questions feel free to talk to me, if the Alphas arnt online. Also, I need to tell you the history of the pack, so if we reference to something you don't have to ask questions. I'm not gonna suger coat it either, a lot of the members of the pack do Roleplaying and we don't have any rules against it.

But I have no problem about that but I just need someone who I actually fell connected to. If you don't mind me asking, are you role playing?

Now? No not really. Do I roleplay? Yes, but it depends whom Im talking to, and what the situation is.

Oh well do you actually believe in therianthropy?

I belive in Mental Shifts. I'll belive a Physical Shift when I see it.

Well this is a stupid question but have you ever m-shifted? If you haven't i really don't mind I just need some one to help me out!

*Sighs* I've never really had to try. That how I found out I was a therian. I though everyone could do it, untill I told a friend one day and she looked at me like 'WTF'. I can't really help. It came naturally to me.

Ohh well at least we have something in common. I've never p-shifted but I've m-shifted plenty of times! It's sorta wierd cause no one can explain it to me, I just want to know if there is more like me!

So can I join?

I can taste the sarcasm from miles away, Marc. *Chuckles*

Lol! ^.^

Thank you So much! :)

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