As Often As Possible

Off it comes as soon as I come in the door.  It stays off as long as I am in the house.

I love company but do not like the fact that when they are here it has to go back on.

Grits4life Grits4life
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12 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I don not even make it home. the damm thing comes off in the car.

to funny

Ha Ha Ha Ya'll are so Funny!!!<br />
What if you wanted to play "charades" after dinner? I bet that would be fun if you were naked!! Lol

reaching across would only be a bad thing if you were reaching across a really really short person.

Ha ha Now That would be interesting!

Think about reaching across the table if you're a nudest.

Ha ha you're funny mewold! I would probably walk around my house all day naked if I didn't have three teenage kids! Lol<br />
I'm just soooo much more comfortable with my bra off!

I'm a nudest so I guess I wouldn't be considered modest.

Currently i'm a member of this group too ... but striving to to leave for the other group. '-)

I'm with you grits! From the moment I walk in the door to the moment I walk out it! The damn, binding bra is Off!<br />
<br />
......Maybe I just need a better bra! Ha ha

yes it does. I am southern and southern women are modest.

It doesn have to go back on. :)