Common Sense, Simple Math.

In my experience, I have found that what is to be believed as common sense can be clouded by bias. So in order to have pure conclusions, you must have pure common sense. The purest form of sense is fact. The closest thing we have to an undeniable fact is math. And that is where the path to knowledge begins.

The base thought derives from something we though we really knew, but would never know. That thing is infinity. We know infinity as everything, but what is everything? You may it's a never ending number, but as you learned in algebra, there are negative numbers. So for everything to be everything, you must include negative numbers to the equation. Now when you look at everything, it's infinity + negative infinity. Which equals zero. So in all reality, nothing = everything. From this one true fact, all questions are answered. What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of reality? What is reality?

Ask questions, I may already know the answer. (Not implying I know everything, I just know a lot.)
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