3000 Children Die From Gun Shot

While Congress who is being dictated by the NRA, 3000. children are being gunned down each year.

Can anyone justify using a AR15 that is able to put a hole in an engine block, used to kill dear with? Any kind of high powered rifle can travel 5000 feet per second.

NO one needs a clip holding 30 or more rouds, why? The president wants to put a stop to this, Gun owners can live with a 10 round clip. Its time to take semiauto to full automatic rifles off the streets
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Chavez took the guns,Castro and Stalin took the guns.They also took the guns in England how's that working out? They have the highest crime rate in the world you ding bat

The guns are not for hunting they are to protect you from a tyrannical govt.the answer to 1984 is 1776

Hitler took the guns Mao took the guns

Hitler took the guns out of the fear of reprisals, no one said the Prez was going to take guns away, why do people have this unwearrented fear about that? There is a differance between gun rights and the amount of ammo used. No one needs a 100 round clip. Specially with what has happened it three occasions where multiple victims had no chance of getting away. A hunter only needs a 10 round clip, trust me if he or she can't shoot his prey within that amount of rounds. Stay home and let some one better get one.

I am so tired of people misconstruding the facts.

Individuals like yourself forget the second amendment is the fourth balance of power against an out of control government. You sound like the government will never take away the rights of citizens.
Genocide has only occurred in countries that the citizens were not armed and had ready access to arms and ammo.

You mention gun control, Concentrate on the child molesters and pedophiles, other MAJOR PROBLEMS like DRUGS, GANGS, illegal ALLIENS, boarder protection, ENGLISH as our language not Spanish or Chinese.

Since lawyers started advertising on tv, radio, print or more, the USA IS NO LESS SAFER, in fact lawyers and the legal system bring harm to children and keep bad people free when they should be sent to jail for life for harming innocent children... And abused mothers, what about men who like to get woman pregnant then leave and not taking any responsibility, that's wrong !!!! No one cares to address this issue.

No one fights for ridding drugs, gangs and trash on tv that influences teenagers.

Gangs won't care about laws
Drug dealers don't care about laws

Follow the OBAMA lead over the cliff killing USA FAST !!! USA OF CHINA !!!
and MEXICO !!!!

when I was over seas in the middle east, I saw first hand what guns can do. I know this because I had to carry one. I am referring to the fact that civilians do not need to use the vry same gun I used on the battle feild. Ihave seen exactley what they can do. You worrying abour a terranical government is obsurd. Trust me if the government wanted to go rogue who is going to stop them? Doesn't matter what you carry, the millitary has bigger guns.

I have seen children gunned down over there and all they did was pick a coin of th ground. Is tis what you want? I am talking abou sense, not talking about taking guns away.

Just because you've seen other countries doesn't matter
I live in the USA

drugs, gangs, illegals, corrupt CURRENT USA LEADERS and a never ending list of problems that NEVER GET SOLVED are but just many issues that plague the USA.

It's crazy people ruining the USA now !!!
They want to take away guns as a result of really wanting to taking away their main goal - To take away the freedom of speech !!!! Here !!!! In the USA. NOT OVERSEAS !!!!

Lame Stream Media doesn't cover issues but duplicite in this process of DIVIDING THE USA, NOT united states


As I said Laws won't KEEP GANGS AND DRUG DEALERS FROM KILLING or from using guns, they kill INNOCENT CHILDREN all the time but that issue will never be solved nor reported by YOU OR THE MEDIA.


Leaders can't even balance the budget so why do YOU THINK the stupid leaders on both sides will ever FIX Violence. Laws can't FIX BAD PEOPLE !!!!!!!
But You seem to think so which if laws could then 50 years of new laws would have made the USA HEAVEN on earth but I guess violence of drugs and gangs has been FIXED BECAUSE OF LAWS.
Missing Children Cases increased when custody battled rose guess.

The USA fought the Civil War and guess YOU'RE STILL upset the NORTH won and the south lost aren't You ???

I totally agree....but the problem is Congress is over populated by members incapable of thinking rationally and they are infected with insanity!

I didn't think that Congresse's popularity couldn't get any lower, in the midst of the lives lost in Conn, Congress will not budge on the mandate. They also wanted to stop this last bill to help people in NY and New Jersey, lucky a few rupublicans had the sense to vote for it

Yes and they are still bent on blackmailing the whole nation again over the 'debt ceiling'

Talk about fvcked up!

thats what happens when Congress allows Tea Party red necks to take over

Yes, but actually one has to be mentally not right in their heads to begin with to allow that to happen too.

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