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Dr. Oz'S Chinese Facial Reading Chart")


Chinese Facial Reading Chart


Could your face reveal the secrets to what's going on inside your body? For thousands of years, Chinese healers have been reading faces to detect and diagnose all kinds of diseases. Facial skin is sensitive and can reflect internal changes faster than other parts of the body. Learn how you can use this ancient practice to uncover clues about your health.



Added to Articles on Thu 02/14/2013


Eyes are the window to your liver. If you notice any change in color, that's a sign something is wrong – especially if the color is yellow. If your eyes yellow, go see a doctor. 


The nose is connected to the heart. An especially red nose or a line through the nose both indicate that you could have heart issues. 


Upper Lip

If a woman is experiencing fertility issues, fibroids or hormonal fluctuations, she will notice changes on the middle of her upper lip. 


Your lungs are connected to your cheeks. If you notice changes on the hollowing of your cheeks, it could be a sign that you're not breathing properly. 


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Hi are you.......Wow,that is pretty amazing.I am going look more into it.....I have seen some of the changes you mentioned! Thanks for sharing that!

u are very welcome....hope they help u!