Join the society! EPZeus is a programmer I think who does a lot of work for EP (I hope). For example, he posted the first title-less story! Check his profile, it's true!
Anyway, I made this society because of the lack of EPZeus-likers. EVERYONE knows about EPAllie, EPArsineh, EPKimi and that lot, but no one knows about EPZeus! So spread the word! We will make him even more well known than EPAllie!!! :D
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I haven't been on for a few years, and the whole thing seems changed, so I just figure FB bought them out.

I offer my humble gratitude to Zeus and the Magic Fingers...Someone whould write a lil book with that title...Zeus ;-) Your experiences doing what you do to help all us weird n wonderful beings come together through nothing more than experiences; Beautiful, I wish you all great things on your journey!

will someone explain in words of one syllabub what this is all about...

Cool, I'm in!


Hahaha xD

Some say that epzeus works day and night bringing the EP android app to life........

this is true

Well it still ain't that good of a app.