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I have a friend who is not happy about this neighborhood, she has some trouble with kids being rude to her.

I personally love this neighborhood and I am sure those kids didn't mean harm but never the less I think any bad behavior should be confronted.

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@ Rhino: the unhappy friend deleted her profile, I was really sorry to lose her.<br />
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@ Candy: well spoken, I guess one should be open to other ways of thinking<br />
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@ June: I myself act like 2 year old sometime, so I agree, we never act our own age.

LOL. I like that Candy. Yeah, sometimes you wonder whether people are being truthful with their ages when their action did not reflect same at all.

LordV Mature ppl will deal with this their own way.PPl need to make up own adult minds(if adults sometimes I really wonder the true age of ppl here)'s so easy here to take comments the wrong way.and find that ppl that speak other language's besides English this happens to more then we is sad hopefully they can soon come to a mutual understanding..X cAnDy

sorry, when you sid neighbourhood i thought you meant habitat. Maybe your friend can block them or give them a rhetorical statement back. Verbal bullies don say anything back usually as they are bigoted and nasty.<br />
Your friend could be sarcastic by sending them a gesture just to show she is above them.<br />
Sorry for your purse.

Exactly my point June, but the Drama that inspired this story was about two really nice people, so I couldn't report or flag them.<br />
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They just had difficulty accepting each others opinion!

I've been a member of this group for some time, LV. I hate getting into dramas and I can say that I haven't let myself get into them but I do flag groups I think are inappropriate and report members who are saying hurtful things.<br />
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I think it's best to still put these things into the hands of EP admins - we can do our part and that's what I do by being a member of this group :)

@ Rhino: I was talking about EP neighborhood, and how a friend got hurt by a comment.<br />
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I am so sorry for your pain, I was robbed 2 months a go, I gave the police the plate number and the thief's cell phone, they have not done anything yet!<br />
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so I agree about some cops.

Okay, however its not the movies. Is your friend a lady, if so her body could be at risk. I was raped, am in a wheelchair as a result- what could i do against a man with a knife? What can your friend do- call the police- what police- what are they going to do- sit on their *** and eat doughnuts- say call us another day! I understand that we should not be bullied, however should the police not do more instead of not even being safe in your own neighbourhood?

Good point, I asked her to do something about it, but she says she is fine!<br />
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I strongly agree with you

yes bad behavior should be confronted as soon as it pops its head out. if kids are aloud to continue to do bad things they aren't going to turn out to be at least somewhat decent.