First Wolf Dream!!!

YAY!!! I had my first wolf dream last night! I can't remember why but I know that the pack was coming over to my house for some reason. Most, no all of you were in wolf form and I remember that I wasn't because I still couldn't shift. But you all stayed until night and we howled at the moon. My mum wasn't happy with having loads of wolves in the backgarden but eh. I'm pretty sure my niece was with us and I've been watching her and she seems a lot like a wolf. Although, she does copy me with a lot of things. But anyway I HAD MY FIRST DREAM!!! Has anyone else had a dream where they could not shift?
CrazyKamina CrazyKamina
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I had a dream shift once. <br />
<br />
I was in my wolf form, and I was walking around my perfect getaway; the forest that is nearby to my house, leading on to a magnificent pond.<br />
<br />
Across the pond, I saw a pack of wolves, who were looking at me like I was one of them. Then, they turned tail and left, leavin me staring at the place they ha been not long before.<br />
<br />
All in all, it wasnt too bad a dream. I think my wolf side was tryin to tell me that I needed to find a pack... And still do :(

Aww do contact our alphas please please please please please :D

:) Would they let me join do you think?

Yay your in!!!!!!!

*sarcastic* really?! i didn't know that! wow, what a surprise! ;P

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When I say dream I meant wolf dream -_- :D