Not Good For Any Of Us...

Whats happening? How did this happen? One day from happy loveable pack, to a unforgiveable dramatic Pack. I know how this started and I want to know it ends. This drama isnt good for any of us. Please, just stop. It's hurting not ONLY the people in the main event but the people who stand around it, putting in there ideas and guideance. Without these people, we are nothing. They are the people who keep this pack together. This Drama has hurt everybody and has scarred everyone . However, we can stop this. We can stop looking into the dreadful past and look forward into the future... and help before its too late. Hearts have been broken and people have suffered, but this ends now. People may not agree for renewed friendship, but let us stop being dramatic about it and start acting like one again. Many wolves have abandoned hope or just left from drama. Is this how you want it? If I were you I would stop before its too late. Start acting like a pack again (even you, people who left) so we don't have to come to a horrible, regretable end.

Thank you.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

I agree. Don't leave friendship because you changed pack. You wouldn't become enemies with your best friend if they moved house, would you?