Givin a Shout Out From the Cosby Hood!

Yeah dawg, I'm a member of the Gangstah Huckstables. A-ight?

 That's right, little Rudy jumped me in last week. Theo gave me my first gang tattoo, a jello pudding pop under my left eye. Claire set up my gang bang initiation with Cockroach. Denise helped me cook my first heroin. Damn! That Girrl can surrrre do a speedball! Yeah, life is good when you're rollin with the Gangstahz!

celerystalk3000 celerystalk3000
5 Responses Apr 2, 2008

yo! check it! Pricey throwin down wit da po-po!

That's proper whack! I got buzzed by the five-oh, just cos I's a white dude driving a nice car. I hate them cracker mofo's!

I know, right? It's a different world, damn straight!

dayum, you got skeelz.

Hey girl, don't be gettin all up in my grill! I'm gonna go tag your car with my gangstah H !!!