Hey Guys

After speaking to some of the old pack members I got permission from Victoria to start this pack back up.
It was a great pack and everybody was like family. I looked at the stories and almost went insane. I mean seriously, look at all the people I've let down.
Taylor, Matt, Vic, all of you guys. I'm really sorry it ended. I wasn't ready to lead. I'm still not, but I have an angel guide me through it. So this pack is back. Once again. I love you guys. <3
TheRisingPhoenix TheRisingPhoenix
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Well isn't that nice :)

An angel guide? Awe

You never let me down and you never will I'm like your little sister ill always be hear for you and ill always be proud you did what you thought was best and y can never let me down:)

:) you're awesome Taylor.
But I did let them down. I'm back to make up for it.

Good because next time u leave I'm gonna find your and drag your wolf a$$ bake to being alphaā¯¤ because I can't live without my sis xx

I'll let you. :)

:) good

Someone's pack wants a alliance with us:)

Which pack?

Lonewolf159 pack I have to get the name one sec

Alright. Have them talk to me and I'll decide what we can do.

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