Never Said This To Anyone

I've never told anyone what I do.. I started in high school when I was 16 and it got so addicting. The feel and pleasure of it all, I even got paid!

I was with my bf at the time who always bugged me to have sex with him. I always said no. Until one day he said he would give me $20 to finally have sex with him. I figured it's free money and I'm eventually going to have sex with him so I took it and let him do what he wanted. Amazing! I couldn't stop, I kept wanting more and more! I was hooked to sex and just wanted it all the time from anyone. I slept with anyone who had a penis and would **** me good, when I wondered if other people would pay to **** me like my ex did.

One day I mentioned it to someone I knew was interested and he immediately paid me! I was shocked and excited that it worked. I was getting to **** and make money at once! And wow did he **** my brains out..

After I graduated I found myself on the streets working and I love it! I couldn't be happier doing anything else..

I'm a prostitute and I love it!

akinalee123 akinalee123
22-25, F
13 Responses Dec 14, 2012

You go girl!!

I like your style ;) Add me plz.

It's always best to enjoy your work. Nothing better than having ******* in the process....You go girl ;)

hmmm can we hook up?

Where can I find you? I would gladly pay you.

Wish you were here now. Hope you add me.

good for you hun

we cant all love our jobs

U r a very beautiful woman. Let's chat

Nice, please add me as a friend, I would i like to see your album

I hope you do all your johns bareback and let them squirt inside

Please do add me. Been looking myself.

Totally love it!!

Damn babe I got money n i want some of your ***** :)

wow..a hot story babe